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Bronze Sculpture for Sale

Title: The WINNER
Author: Fermin Fleites
Dimentions: 25 in high X 18 in wide X 22
Bronze sculpture. (these dimensions do not include the base)
Year: 2015-2016
Price: $ 20,000.00 Sculpture + Installation + Shipping [Two pieces available - Only in United States]

This sculpture is a re-creation of a key symbol of humanity’s great religions throughout history; a symbol that demarcates the birth of symbolic sacrifice, and simultaneously its disruption. The lamb is present in Abraham son’s sacrifice, but this is not the first time that it was introduced, as it has been present as a metaphor of great transcendence for obedience, constancy, sacrifice, and resurrection since Paleo Christian Art. In present times, the lamb appears in Jewish liturgy, the Muslim Eid Al Adha, as a base for Christian rituals, and also in some Hindu mantras such as Upanishad.The Winner is supported by a railroad tie from the New York to Key West railroad built by Flagler in 1892, which was to eventually reach Havana. This sculpture is a metaphor of the constancy of re-inventing, and of the attitudes that make great changes possible.

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