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Fermin Fleites Recent Work

The leitmotif in my works is the exploration of the defining roles of cultural diversity and individualism that make us human. In 1999 I traveled to the Peruvian Amazon, jungle in order to complete a master degree in Cultural Anthropology and Media. My travels and studies provided me the opportunity to test my thesis about the social function of art in societies different than ours. This investigation focused on those resistance and folklorization mechanisms that indigenous groups utilize in response to external incursions and influences.



Mixed Techniques

Contemporary Art

The Winner

This sculpture is a re-creation of a key symbol of humanity’s great religions throughout history: a symbol that demarcate the birth of symbolic sacrifice, and simultaneously its disruption.
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Fermin Fleites’ has the ability to bring together seemingly unrelated visual styles in an “ordered chaos” that make us jump from classical Greek and German Renaissance images to the most contemporary art forms, such as installations or conceptual art. In the process, his well informed gaze directs us to popular products and images associated with symbols, rituals, and magical beliefs practiced through time.

Fleites has a great capacity to integrate the sources of artistic production of our days: anthropology, psychology, history and ethnography. He does it through aesthetic fusions delivered with a sense of spectacle that shows its relationship with invented advertising icons. 

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Art in Public Spaces

Fleites’ personal game brings together and offers the audience a casual or contemporary humor that disregards pompous hyperbole. This humor is protected and undoubtedly directed by a reasonable and intelligent decision.

The artist places a special accent on magical practices in this group of works, from afroamerican practices to Andean shamanism. He highlights the fascination tinged with fear and reverence that these magical practices have on the inhabitants of these cultures. He creates an amazing mural entitled “I and the other” that has a strong metaphorical impact. He also plays with elements that need prior educated information, as in “El Elegido” (a reference to the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, stripped of all drama), or “Two hundred thirty-three hours for…,” made with organic pigments, gunpowder and coal.

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Fermin Fleites Cymatics

Harmony in Yellows is a series of artworks that delves into the fascinating field of cymatics, or the study of how vibrations and sound waves can shape and influence the physical world. These works, numbered [16], are inspired by the frequencies of musical compositions by Debussy and Wagmer played on the cello. The main motivation behind this series is to explore the intersection between art and the unpredictable phenomena of nature, using Cymatics as a tool for investigation and representation.

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